Larry Moskowitz – Keeping Things Simple for Thought-Provoking Art

What is a good painting- this is a very difficult question that even artists fail to answer! However, they all agree on the same note that good paintings evoke appreciation and emotion in the viewer. Often, you look at a painting, and you instantly feel drawn to it. Every artist creates a painting to express a memory, experience, observation or a message. When you get attracted to that piece of art, it becomes an unforgettable painting to you, and you label it as a good painting!

Larry Moskowitz- the importance of simplicity in good paintings

Larry Moskowitz is a skilled photographer, talented artist and a traveler who lives in New York. He has always been encouraged by his mom and dad to take up painting and nurture his creative pursuits. He says that when an artist creates a piece of art, he/she should not paint keeping the targeted audience in mind- the first step is to paint for oneself. The idea or concept should be expressed from within. The artist should enjoy every aspect of the phases of the painting. First, the artist should think about the focal point and list a plan on what color schemes to embrace, how the subject should be presented, the theme, style, shapes, etc. In short, the artist should introspect with the artwork that he/she wishes to create in order to get started.

Completing the painting

Every artist faces this challenge. There comes the point where the artist suffers from a mental block and has no clue on how to proceed with the painting further. It is here that the artist should take a break and walk away from the painting. This is a tough phase; however, if you wish the painting to get its desired outcome, it is crucial for you to give yourself frequent breaks. In case you suffer from a mental block during the course of a painting, you will land up creating the wrong brush strokes, and this harms the end result of the painting you are working on. Most artists fail to realize this, and when they land up making a mistake, it is too late to reverse the stroke.

Keeping the elements of the artwork simple

Agents of museums and galleries across the world say that paintings that have wooed the hearts of millions have always been simple. Yes, this is the first step of a good painting if you wish to appeal to the masses at large. Keep the elements of the art simple for the masses to understand. The human brain likes simple things, and if you can tap into it with your piece of artwork, you will be remembered for striking a chord with the audience and invoking a positive response or emotion.

Larry Moskowitz says that good art and paintings are realistic and meaningful. As a painter, you should focus on practice in order to be perfect. He says that you should practice sketches daily and shading so that when you decide to create a painting, you can keep its elements simple for everyone to appreciate and remember with success!

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