How to fix chapped lips


Do you dread the feeling of dry, cracked lips? or does the onset of winter fill you with dread for what will become of your lips? Well, it’s not just you, chapped lips are one of the most common problems among people, regardless of the weather. While lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, they are also one of the most exposed parts to wind, cold, and sun. That is why, it is not surprising that lips get chapped easily, leaving you feeling uncomfortable, embarrassed, and in pain.

But, the good news is that there are easy remedies that can have your lips feeling soft and smooth again. So, let us find out why your lips may be getting chapped and what you need to do to restore them to their full juicy glory again.

All About Chapped Lips

Lips are incredibly sensitive and the skin on the lips is much thinner than the skin on the rest of the body. On top of it, lips don’t have oil glands to keep them moisturised in the absence of external hydration. Combining the two, it doesn’t take much for lips to get damaged.

However, some other reasons may include:

  • Dehydration
  • Cold weather
  • Constant licking of lips
  • Damage from sun
  • Damage from dry winds
  • Chemical-based products
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Skin conditions
  • Side effects due to medication

However, lips don’t suddenly go from soft and supple to dry and cracked in an instant. You may certainly get to see some warning signs, such as:

  • Cracks and fissures
  • Redness
  • Itchy lips
  • Pain or discomfort

However, as easy as it is for lips to get chapped, it is also very easy to make them soft again.

How to Heal Your Painful, Chapped Lips Quickly

There are several ways in which you can restore your lips to their former glory.

1. Exfoliation

The first step in healing your chapped lips is to clear out the dry flaky skin, giving room for new and healthy skin to form again. For this, it is crucial to exfoliate your chapped lips very gently. You can use either a soft-bristled toothbrush or a gentle lip scrub to remove any dead skin cells.

2. Hydration

After exfoliating your lips to remove the dead skin, you need to add some hydration back so the condition does not get any worse. So, immediately after you have dried your exfoliated lips, drench them in lip balm, petroleum jelly, or coconut oil. If you are using a lip balm, make sure it does not have any irritants, such as any fragrance or flavour. Using such products can worsen the condition and leave you in more pain than before.

3. Protection

it is also crucial to keep your lips protected from natural elements whenever you are outside. So, using lip balms that contain SPF can not only help you with protecting your lips from harmful UV rays but also create a protective barrier that keeps the cold weather and harsh, dry wind at bay.

Note: It may be possible that allergies, underlying medical conditions, or side effects due to certain medications are causing your chapped lips. In such cases, it is advised to consult a specialist who would be able to help you get soft lips without aggravating your condition.

How to Prevent Chapped Lips

Quick remedies, such as those suggested above, can help deal with the immediate crisis at hand. However, to keep your lips feeling great, you need to work on them regularly by developing positive habits. The six habits suggested below can help you make sure that your lips feel incredible at all times.

1. Drink Lots of Water Daily

Considering that dehydration is one of the most common reasons for chapped lips, you need to provide the necessary hydration from inside and outside. Hydration in the form of balms and creams can provide external hydration. Internal hydration is just as important. So, make sure you are drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily to get the necessary hydration from within.

2. Avoid Licking Your Lips

Avoid licking your lips as much as you can. While you may feel you are hydrating your lips, the saliva strips your lips of any remaining moisture when it evaporates, leaving them dry and vulnerable to more damage.

3. Do Not Pick at the Dry Flakes

It can be tempting to pick at the dry flakes. However, when you do so, it exposes the wounded part of your lips, leaving them exposed to infections and even bigger and potentially more serious issues. So, if you want to remove them, do so gently by exfoliating and following up immediately with hydrating products.

4. Avoid Mattifying or Long-Lasting Lip Products

Mattifying and long-lasting lipstick formulas keep your lips dry and free from any hydration. This makes them incredibly harmful to your lips, especially if they are already in a vulnerable condition. Instead, try hydrating formulas, such as lip glosses, that do not leave your lips feeling dry. Also, try to apply lip masks once a week to give them all the nutrition they need.

5. Keep Your Environment Humid

A dry environment is another cause for lips drying out and getting chapped. If you live somewhere dry and your skin and lips feel tight all the time, it is time to invest in a humidifier. This is just a small change to your home decor. It will work wonders to keep your skin looking and feeling great, including your lips.

While the quick remedies can help you deal with flaky, dry lips immediately, the prevention remedies can make sure that your lips are well-kept and cared for from the inside out. If you are looking to change your makeup routine as per our suggestion, then do check out Reliance Tira. With hundreds of hydrating lip glosses, moisturising lip masks, and fragrance &flavour-free lip balms, Tira has everything you need for perfectly pouty and juicy lips.

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