How to Land Your Dream Career With the Help of Data Science?

The field of data science is emerging with modern technologies. This, as a result, has fueled many opportunities for growth. But this growing demand also increased competition among job seekers.

As you research more about the subject (data science), you will realize that a good understanding of statistics, and computer science backed with programming languages is mandatory to build a career in this field.

However, the eligibility requirements do not end here as you are also required to have adequate experience for implementing your theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Certain things that you must evaluate:

  1. A clear motive for pursuing data science.
  2. The in-demand skills used by companies.
  3. Data Science Training Institute in Pune from where you earn the best ever learning experience with dedicated career support.
  4. ROI you will receive in the long run.

Looking for these points while searching for the best training institute for data science in Pune will actually decide the ROI of your chosen course.

Here are a few suggestions that can help you to select the best:

1. Start with developing a motivation for studying data science

Undoubtedly, studying data science can bring a lot of benefits to your career. However, you must identify which domain you want to pursue based on your interests and background. This is because data science is vast and if you do not pursue any domain, then whatever you learn will be very generic. Hence, when you go for interviews, your competitors can easily outshine you in front of recruiters with their domain knowledge. Moreover, doing the same will help you to transform your career without degrading your present career position.  Always opt for institutes that offer domain-based learning.

  • Data science can be complex as it involves a strong understanding of different subjects. Thus, it is important to learn from your setbacks.
  • Developing critical thinking abilities can solve many problems for you.
  • You must go for domain-specific learning to develop a competitive edge.

2. Understanding the importance of in-demand skills

A course completion certificate can be easily obtained from any generic course, however, it will be of little support to bag your first job in any industry. Hence, analyze the course you pick in terms of the present in-demand skills and whether it is a technical or non-technical skill. As the industry demands are always changing, having a focus on trending skills is mandatory. Below are some examples of skills that are currently in demand.

The technical knowledge you need to have is mentioned below:

  • Computing with statistical analysis.
  • Machine learning.
  • Data Visualization (preferably in PowerBI or Tableau).
  • Programming in languages such as Kotlyn, Python, Java, etc.

The non-technical skills that can be beneficial are as follows:

  • Critical thinking ability.
  • Team working.
  • Problem-solving.

3. Identifying the best resource for learning

There are many data science training institutes in Pune, given its demand. However, finding the best resource can help learners make an easy career transition in their desired field.

Today, modern technical abilities have reached their zenith, which introduced both online and offline options for learning. It totally depends on individual convenience & work management ability. Additionally, below, we have mentioned a few points that will better assist you in choosing a data science program in Pune effectively.

  • Career assistance services: Honestly, it can be really helpful for learners if the institute offers a career assistance program that includes placement assistance, resume developing activities, or any other. As a result, you can easily achieve your dreams in the desired field.
  • Assistance from mentors: A good mentorship can help you gain an in-depth understanding of the subject. The institute must offer sessions for doubt-clearing in 1:1.
  • Course modules and flexibility: Having flexibility with learning schedules can benefit all, especially working professionals.
  • Gaining practical experience: Data Science requires a lot of practical experience or knowledge. Look for institutes that offer multiple and industry-oriented real-time and capstone projects, internships, etc. This will be very helpful during interviews.

For better industry exposure, you can also work on various open-source projects available online. Here are some websites where you can find these projects:

  • GitHub
  • DrivenData Labs

4. Re-evaluating the ROI

This means analyzing the ROI for the long run. As technology is evolving rapidly, so are businesses. In this scenario, investing in competitive careers like data science might bring you a lot of success in both the short and long term. Pursuing a program from a reputed institute assures higher ROI even in the long run.

Here is a list of things that you need to keep in mind before investing in this field:

  • “Change is constant”- You must keep upgrading your skills in order to stay competitive. Large companies and research labs are developing new tools on which you are working now, be ready to learn a new bunch of tools in the near future.
  • Focus on the bigger aim is to increase accuracy and minimize errors, hence it requires extensive research.


It can be challenging for some learners to understand this subject as it is complex, which you can overcome with the right guidance. Also, good assistance can transform you into a professional. The best online programs for data science in Pune from where they can master the skills effectively under experienced mentors.

Learning under these mentors will give you a good outlook on your desired career path. The data science programs must involve good career assistance that can help you to work in your desired profession. Given its benefits, it is recommended to opt for a program that offers domain-based training.

You can avail of their offline or online training, where you can engage in discussions with mentors and peers from the program. It offers an industry-based module for better interview preparation along with resume writing.

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