Some Important Aspects to Know about the Rowing Machine

If you are a fitness buff and would like to try any fitness equipment whether at home or in the gym, the indoor rower, ergometer, or rowing machine is a great option. It may appear intimidating, but it is totally rookie-friendly. Most importantly, it can give you a great workout.

The ergometer is a piece of equipment that mimics the rowing of a shell also known as a boat, like those used in the Olympics. It is known as the swiss knife of the gym since it has multiple purposes. It’s great for low-impact workouts, full-body strength training, core training, low-intensity endurance development, posture control, and others. You can buy a rowing machine online.

How is it used?

To row, your legs, arms, and core are on the way out; then arms, core, and legs are on the way in. From the bottom of the stroke, extend your legs, strengthen your core, and then with your arms row the handle towards your chest then reverse to begin again. Much of the power is on the legs, but it also requires you to tighten up your core.

The benefits

For you to understand how important an indoor rower is for your health, we have listed here some of its benefits:

It burns lots of calories. Rowing is both strength and cardio training which makes it super-efficient in burning calories. You may burn 400 to 500 calories in an hour of rowing on the equipment.

It enables you to have a full-body workout. This is so because the equipment lets you use around 86 percent of your muscles.

This also enhances your aerobic strength and health. Fifteen minutes of rowing is already a serious kind of exercise, and when you row regularly, your stamina and endurance are improved and your overall cardiovascular health.

It also helps you improve your posture. The equipment offers a lot of postural benefits because it requires the use of the core, legs, and back. It is a good tool that helps enhance the body’s posterior chain. Posterior chain health creates balance in our muscle strength, lessens risks for injuries, and corrects improper posture.

The equipment can also be personalized like the treadmill and spin bike. The equipment’s settings can be easily changed to suit your physical ability. Avoid rowing at a too-high intensity since this will have a major impact on your back.

Rowing through the rowing machine can give you quicker results. With rowing your body is completely challenged; this is why its effects come faster. You need less time to gain the same benefits as the treadmill or spin bike. Most people notice results in just five rowing-based sessions.

It has mental health benefits. The rhythm of the strokes has a lot of positive impact on your wellbeing. It’s even more soothing to the senses when you are rowing outside in the water.

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