5 Sport Injuries That Require Immediate Care

Any injury can be extremely painful but they can also be quite frustrating as a majority of sports injuries will require emergency care immediately, which in return will keep the player from joining the team until they are fully healed. Injuries that will require immediate care and time to heal before returning to a team are pain and swelling, lacerations, fractures, sprains, and concussions. If anyone is subjected to these types of sports injuries, it is critical to get the correct care to avoid any further damages to the injured area. Not only will it cause more damage, but it will also lead to future problems in that area whether it is pain or swelling.

5. Pain and Swelling

When a sports injury occurs, it is ideal to seek out help from ortho urgent care if any pain or swelling exists. Although these signs could be something minor, they also could be present due to a break, fractures, or sprain. By seeking out medical care,

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the physician can help the swelling go down which in return will help the patient to be more comfortable while eliminating some of the pain that they have been experiencing due to the swelling around the affected area.

4. Lacerations

Although not all lacerations require stitches or staples, it is ideal that medical attention is sought after a sports injury causes any type of laceration that leaves someone into confusion on whether or not it requires emergency care. Whether or not the laceration requires medical attention or not, it is still important to make the trip to have the wound cleaned properly while also making sure it does not require any type of staples or stitches to help close the wound.

3. Fractures

When it comes to fractures, finding a facility with ortho urgent care is almost necessary. A fracture may not be worse than a break, but they can also heal improperly which can cause a great deal of pain for the individual later on in life. When you visit an emergency care facility, they will give the patient x-rays to view the fracture and make a decision on whether or not they will need a specific type of cast or splint to help the bones heal back together properly without causing any further damages or pain.

2. Sprains

Sprains may not be the most severe sports injury, but they can certainly be among the most painful. With a sprain, there is normally swelling that coincides with it. The swelling will also cause more pain which means that visiting ortho urgent care will become a necessity. Most sprains require you to rest and ice the injured area to help bring the swelling down and to prevent any further injuries from happening by continuing to use the extremity.

1. Concussions

Concussions can easily cause bleeding and swelling within your brain which could potentially become life-threatening if a person refuses to seek out emergency medical care for their injury.

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If someone has experienced an injury that leads to a severe headache, vomiting, seizures, or even slurred speech, it could mean that a concussion is present and medical attention is needed. By seeking out emergency care, it could easily save the life of the person who sustained the injury or even help eliminate the chances of them having brain trauma from the accident.

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