Have You Thought About Cell Phone EMF Protection?

Electromagnetic fields are all around us. Power lines, X-Ray machines, solar flares, and other sources of electromagnetic fields are common sources we are all exposed to. Cell phones also emit a tiny amount of EMF radiation. There are companies now that sell products for consumers who are concerned about the possible health effects of EMF radiation radiating from their cell phones. These devices encase the cell phone and act as a wallet.

There are also other models. The technology used in these wallets like devices can actually block almost all of the possibly harmful radiation that emits from cell phones.

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These wallets like devices can also be used to replace one’s wallet. Identification cards and bank cards and money can be placed on these devices. These devices are a perfect, convenient way for one to obtain cell phone EMF protection.

Some have concerns that the electromagnetic frequency waves emanating from cell phones can be bad for one’s health. The radiation has caused lab rats to develop a rare form of cancer tumor known as a schwannoma. It affects a certain type of nerve cell called a Schwann cell. The only effect on the bodies of humans, that has been proven, is that this radiation can excite molecules and the tissue exposed can become heated.

Well, known national science research programs have studied the effects of the radiation. Many rats and mice have been exposed to EMF radiation and tested. Near field, exposure is the type of exposure humans receive from their cell phones. Far-field exposure is the type of radiation emanating from cell phone towers, tablets, and laptop computers. Mice exposed showed no ill signs of health. Female rats also did well. Male rats in these studies did not. They developed schwannomas in their hearts. The conclusion was that this type of radiation can lead to health problems in some of these animals tested.

The radiation can cause cancerous tumors to form. It is important to note that there does not seem to be a correlation between cell phone use and developing cancer in humans. Cell phones are constantly emitting RF Radiation when turned on because even while people are not actively using them, these phones are constantly in contact with cell phone towers.

In addition to male rats developing schwannomas, other types of sickness developed on these lab animals, when exposed to EMF Radiation, similar to cell phone radiation. Some of the occurring sicknesses was lymphoma, as well as other cancers. The skin, liver, lungs, prostate, and brains in the exposed animals also showed signs of cancer sickness.

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After knowing this it might be appropriate for one to purchase products for cell phone EMF protection. Defender Shield and other companies can help one with achieving this safety and security. Many think that sickness might happen to them. There is not enough evidence to prove conclusively that this is the case, but there is some. The evidence suggests that at least some bad health problems could occur when using these devices.

The protective gear is very affordable and stylish. There are holsters people can use. Place the phone into one of these holsters and practically no EMF radiation will touch your body. Cell phones have only really been on the scene for a relatively short period of time overall. Not long enough for humans to be exhibiting bad health symptoms from using them. A person needs to smoke for many years before bad health consequences can begin to show themselves. Why take a chance? Try one of these products to obtain cell phone EMF protection and safety for yourself.

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