5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About EMF Protection

What are Electromagnet fields (EMFs)

An Electromagnetic field is a naturally occurring characteristic of the universe. Anytime a certain type of charged particle is moving through space an electromagnetic field is produced. Your brain produces an electromagnetic field, the earth, and even tiny cells have their own electromagnet field. There is even a procedure called Transcranial magnetic stimulation that uses magnetic fields to treat disorders like depression, mood disorders, and possibly even Alzheimers. The EMFs generated from your cellphone and powerlines produces extremely low-Frequency magnetic fields. Low-frequency magnetic fields are non-ionizing, which means when they are absorbed by an electron they do not have enough energy to completely remove the electron. Studies on how much exposure to EMF radiation is considered harmful have not been conclusive, but there are plenty of studies available that show the potential downside to EMF exposure. Here is a list of 5 EMF protection facts and reasons you need EMF protection.

1. They affect your immune system

Several studies have been conducted showing the negative effects that EMFs have on the immune system. Your immune system uses chemical signals to function properly. Overexposure to EMF’s or microwaves can disrupt the system. EMF’s exposure can result in a suppressed immune system or an autoimmune problem. An immune system that to under-react to threats is considered a suppressed immune system. An immune system that overreacts to threats is dealing with autoimmune problems. An autoimmune problem can result in an immune system that begins to attack healthy body cells. EMFs also encourage mold, which is bad news for allergy suffers and individuals with Lyme disease.

2. EMFs can be emitted from surprising places

It is common knowledge that EMFs are emitted from electronics like your laptop and phone, but EMFs can also be emitted from some surprising places. The water pipes underneath your home can be a source of EMFs. Metal water pipes can act as a conductor to electricity produced by underground power lines. Once the metal pipes for your plumbing began to conduct electrify from local power lines they begin to produce an EMF. Heating devices that use radiant electrical heating to heat the surrounding area emit a large amount of EMF radiation. Individuals who want to reduce their EMF exposure should avoid radiant electrical heating devices.

3. A healthy diet can lower EMFs effects

Eating a healthy diet can help support a healthy immune system and can help eliminate free radicals. Individuals that want to protect their health should make sure they’re getting enough melatonin, vitamin E and other antioxidants that the body needs. Yogurts that have probiotics in them are a great thing to add to your diet also.

4. You can purchase EMF protection for a variety of things

You have more than likely heard of EMF protection for cell phones, but EMF protection is available for more than just your cell phone. EMF protection can be purchased for your headphones, clothing and even for sleeping in. It’s not always possible to escape EMFs, but it is possible to reduce how much of your body is exposed to EMF radiation. Users of certain EMF protection devices should be careful. For example, paints that protect against EMFs do not absorb radiation, but reflect it and can actually amplify the amount of EMF radiation you are exposed to.

5. EMF protection works

Individuals that are skeptical about EMF protection can lookup studies completed about EMF protection to see how effective they are. EMF protection that is produced by a legit manufacturer uses material like copper or nickel to protect you.

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It is not possible to reduce your exposure to EMFs completely without doing something drastic like moving to an isolated location, but it is possible to reduce your exposure to EMFs. Whether you are looking for EMF protection for cell phones poor or babies, there are plenty of EMF protection options available to protect you and your family.

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