Data Analytics: What does the future hold?

The future of data analytics is no further than ten years. People will be stepping into an era of science fiction movies, witnessing the reality of flying cars, automatic jets, or even trips to space. The popularity of data analytics online course is a strong example of how speedily it is growing.

Have you ever wondered how Whatsapp, Instagram, Google or Facebook know exactly what to say and when to say it? Or how do Siri and Alexa always have the answer to everything?

Well, the answer is just one word. DATA.

According to a survey, people on the internet produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. This data is stored and inspected by the data analysts for procuring relevant information about you. That’s how they can read you like an open book.

Luckily, there are several programs out of which the data analytics online course helps professionals understand the process of data analysis and data science.

But before you go ahead and enrol yourself in one, let’s time travel 10 years forward. In this blog, you will find the answers to a very common question nowadays – What is the future of Data Analytics?

The Future of Data Analytics

The invention of automatic cars that will run purely on algorithms and artificial intelligence is not something you see in movies anymore. Many corporations have started experimenting around the idea.

All this will be possible due to… Yes! You guessed it right! Data Analytics.

Google and Facebook were the first companies to realize the importance of data analytics. But soon every corporation dove in. Data analytics helps businesses to control data and identify brand new opportunities.

Here is what the future of data analytics looks like:

Expansion of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

As you have already seen, machine Learning and artificial intelligence have made human life much more technical and advanced. With Siri and Alexa present 24/7, they are flourishing speedily.

The IT sector has expanded its knowledge and experiments to know what is achievable in the coming future. It is only a matter of time when you’ll be seeing cars flying around in the sky and people vacationing on the moon.

Educational programs like a data analytics online courseare only the first step to entering the world of data science, IoT, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. There is more to come.

A Massive Boost in Job Opportunities

The coming years hold a vast scope for all the technologically advanced peeps out there. As the need for data analytics is expanding, so is the need for data analysts.

A data analyst inspects and studies the relevance of the stored data. Without an analyst, the data is of no use to the company.

More and more companies have started recruiting people with strong analytical skills. The IIM Kozhikode business analytics program shapes the students for a successful future in data science.

To get recruited by multinational corporations, all you need is an in-depth understanding of data. And you are set.

Escalated Careers in Data Management

Up until the 90s, a career in managing data of a company would have sounded bizarre. But it doesn’t in the present era. That’s because technology has changed its course.

The enormity of the scope of data management can only be imagined. Several educational institutes like Coursera, edX, Udemy, Datacamp and LinkedIn learning have already launched their domain-specific data analytics online course- the best online courses on the Internet right now!

The IIM Kozhikode business analytics program is one of the best courses out there that teach you applicable insights into data and how to make a career in it.

Massive Growth in the Application of Data in Businesses

A few years ago, corporations had no idea of what to do with the enormous amounts of stored data. It was irrelevant to them and so was disposed of. But now, companies have realized the importance of data in a business, and how to apply it to better use.

The market research company International Data Corporation suggests that 80% of the businesses use data analytics in several business operations like product management, manufacturing and customer services.

For instance, companies like Zomato and Swiggy have used data analytics to satisfy the needs of their diverse clientele. Their algorithms show you exactly what you are craving.

This is the type of data analytics that businesses are looking for, which will only go up the charts in the future.

This increased demand for data analysts has led to a growth of data analytics online courses.

Fast and Actionable Data will be the New Big Data

Years and years of big data, stored in the company’s cloud storage, is still being processed and analyzed for better business operations. However, the experts are proposing that in the coming years, big data will be replaced by fast and actionable data.

The experts suggest, it will be more efficient and wise to process the data as soon as it comes in, rather than storing it for later. In the future, the bytes of data produced will multiply and so will its analysis.

Educational institutes have predicted the importance of data analysis and have prepared for it. The data analytics online course prepares you for the future of data science. It includes modules like R & Python language, working with SQL bases and practical application of statistics and analytics to the business environment.

Final Note

The only conclusion that you can draw from this is – industries have predicted and accepted the challenges of the future. They have started preparing for it and so should you.

Now that you know what the future of data analytics looks like, you need to prepare yourselves in advance to keep up with the trends. And the best possible way to do that is by learning the fundamentals of data science.

An ideal approach is enrolling in a data analytics online course to discover the possibilities of data intelligence.

The IIM Kozhikode business analytics course is designed to teach you how to discover new possibilities as well as mould them.

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