Bus driver simulators

Every week in the United States we encounter accidents on buses, and many people are injured. If you take the message “Accidents on the bus” in the Google News Alerts, you will know what I mean. Often people die, and sometimes they die. In many cases, this is due to adverse conditions, such as heavy traffic, severe weather or dangerous conditions. You might think that the bus driver would be prepared for this, but we all know that conditions often change quickly, and the bus driver on the route with which he is familiar may take his management methods as standard operating procedures for granted, accepting literally the changes. for granted.

The best way to overcome this is to use virtual reality or virtual reality simulators to give the driver an idea of ​​the worst scenario you can experience. For example, “black ice”, regardless of whether they will travel to South Texas, where they will never have black ice, or train in heavy traffic during the evacuation of a hurricane, when the cells of a thunderbolt rush towards the coast. So we train airplane pilots and even truck drivers. For example, a fully loaded cargo plane, an engine will shut down, then two hydraulic systems will be released and smoke will be released into the cabin with intermittent or malfunctioning warning lights, and they will do all this from near zero to zero and you could try these out.

The golden rule is:

“Fly first”, see speed and control, and work quickly in an emergency in the most important way. It is not as easy as it seems when you are full of people and you are under stress. But this type of training is the way we maintain our incredible level of aircraft safety. NASA is testing space shuttle pilots.

By having all bus drivers run bus simulator 18 kostenlos, it will subject the driver to unusual and stressful chaotic situations so that they can practice what to do when the tire breaks on a slippery road, in heavy traffic, with a mischievous passenger, during the evacuation after of a hurricane while the bus is traveling. On one side and in an extremely poor visibility.

Trucking industry

The trucking industry makes extensive use of simulators in the same way that the military uses them to train their equipment. The simulators save time and money, but the complexes are still often expensive to buy, as more and more enter the industry, in the end, they will be used by everyone, including companies that offer low cost school buses.

Think about it, we have to do it.

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