Best Flexible Packaging Options for 2019

The packaging industry is a giant economic generating tool worldwide. As per statistics, the packaging industry’s market value will reach $1 trillion by the coming year. However, in order to appreciate this phenomenon, you should examine the best packaging industry options for 2019. At the forefront, today market has shifted towards innovation and technology for best flexible packaging options. Here are the best options for 2019:

Digital Printing

2019 is the digital year. And, by digital we mean the idea of designing product packaging and creating graphics is being done on the computer. Digital printing permits you to personalize and customize beef jerky packaging. A lot of companies are shifting to digital printing and accepting this progressive investment.

Personalized packaging

Digital printing makes personalization packaging simple and convenient. The trend has been building for the past few years. A lot of top brands have chosen personalized packaging to create brand recognition for their products. You can promote your brand in a better way with personalization. The customization packaging trend is successful as it permits people to personally acknowledge your product.

Transparency and tidy labels

Presenting the information of your product in a simple and transparent manner is the latest flexible packaging option for 2019. It enhances the trust and credibility of the company. Today, customer wants access to info of the product and services they are using. If you use a packaging which provides them proper and clean info, they will be happy to purchase your product.

Make your information clean, concise and reliable. Transparent labeling affects majorly the food packaging and frozen packaging industry. Thus, frozen food bag should have transparent and clean info on them.

Private labels and brand domination

The store brands are interested in designing private labels for 2019 in the packaging industry. It leads to in-house brand awareness and loyalty of the consumers in opposition to generic brands. Though private branding began a few years ago but today it has gained pace. People rely on private labelling.

Effects and colors

The trend of bold colors and effects on flexible packaging has risen this year. However, the company should know how to use colors and dramatic effects to stand out from the competition. It leads to rise in sales volume.

Rise in flexible packaging

Flexible packaging has gained great fame because of technological advancement. People no longer want to use rigid and hard materials. The most famous flexible package are pouches, envelopes, stand bags, food bags, wraps etc. Flexible packaging is simpler to store, more convenient and gives beautiful shelf appeal. It is made eco-friendly material and has better shipping traits.

Greener packaging

The eco-friendly movement has gained momentum this year. Every company dealing with flexible packaging has dived in this green wave. Flexible packaging in 2019 is all about sustainable and environmental friendly packaging. Recycle and reuse to lower down pollution. Make smaller and greener packages to do your part to protect the world.

ePac Flexible Packaging is a cutting-edge flexible packaging company. It offers top quality and precise packaging products for all types of products across the nation.

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