5 Baking Tips For Baking Like A Pro!

You love baking. But, every time you wear your apron to bake a cookie or cake, you have to settle with not-so-spongy cake or hard cookies. And, in the end, you have to order an online cake or your favourite dessert. Urhhhhh! Ever wonder why Pooja Dhingra, Sanjana Patel, Shivesh Bhatia, and many more like these are known to be the favourite Indian bakers?

Well, it’s their on-point baking tips and skills.

Therefore, to help all those who love baking, here are practical baking tips that shall help you bake desserts and cakes like renowned bakers. Don your chef hats, and pen down these carefully. So that the next time you do not have to console yourself by going for online cake delivery in Hyderabad at your doorstep because your birthday cake didn’t come out as expected or your cupcakes didn’t bloom like petals.

1) Stick to the recipe: Who needs a recipe for baking a basic vanilla cake? If these are your baking thoughts, then you may need to reconsider it. Besides the essential ingredients to the cake, like flour, sugar, and milk, some recipes require you to bake the cake with extra tips. And, those additional tips are the secret to a spongy, moist, fudgy cake; just the way you like. If the recipe demands to swift the floor or grease the cake tin, do it. Religiously follow all the steps mentioned, if you do not wish to end up with baking mistakes or to order a cake online.

2) Measure The Ingredients: Measuring the ingredients can either make you or break you. If you measure the ingredients properly using the appropriate tools; you will make a dessert that is a delight to eat. But, the other way round will cost you to settle with not-so-tasty desserts. The choice is yours! One of the main reasons that desserts baked by great bakers taste absolutely heaven is because it contains flour, sugar, milk, baking powder, baking soda in appropriate proportions. Not more, not less; just accurate!

3) Use Fresh Ingredients at Room Temperature: If you have seen it once, you have seen it a thousand times. Dessert recipes call for fresh ingredients and ingredients at room temperature. It is because baking soda powder leaves most of its effectiveness after six months. Whisking ingredients at room temperature is a lot easier than refrigerated ingredients. So, this is the tip you should never ignore if you want to relish delicious desserts.

4) Do not OverMix the ingredients: Yes. Because you love to whisks, doesn’t mean you will over-mix it. Over-mixing the batter of the desert will result in a flat, chewy texture. It is because flour– the main ingredient in most of the dessert contains gluten, which increasingly becomes firm and toughened upon over-mixing. Every recipe comes with a guide on how much to whisk, for how long to mix, how to mix. Pay attention to these tips.

5) Invest in Quality Bakeware: Like an artist requires a set of tools to perfect the art form, a baker also needs to invest in quality bakeware for mastering the art of baking. Low-quality bakeware sheet trays, thin cake tins won’t conduct heat efficiently, thus resulting in half-baked desserts. So, invest in proper tools and equipment so that you can bake effectively and efficiently.

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So, try baking desserts with these baking tips, and you shall be able to bake a cake or dessert that will be loved by the tastebuds, trust on this. Happy Baking!

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