Precautionary Measure Adopted In Airport Lounges During The Pandemic

You see all the airport lounges as luxurious and well established. Are they safe during the pandemic? Risks exist during the Covid-19. But still, there are some benefits you can avail.

You might notice a decrease in air travel because many airport lounges have been closed due to lockdown and coronavirus. Some airport lounges are opening again and offering you the same allure as they offered before the pandemic just like Dubai lounge.

Travelers who are wealthy and afford the expenses of airport lounges get their services as a port in the storm. 

Various ways were present to access the entire space whether through the status of loyalty programs of the airline, paid entries, a perk of credit card, and plane tickets that are top-tier among others.touristy cities to visit in Spain

Lounges promise to offer a high up QR code visit of airports with perks to travelers. Spa services, complimentary food, WiFi, and alcohol are available for travelers in lounges. Even more, you get a quiet and peaceful environment as a traveler.

But pandemic has altered everything. Conveniences that are high risk have been taken away now. Services of foods and drinks have also been changed. So travelers might question, is it worth to invest in airport lounges during the covid-19? 

They may think that either they should invest their money and time in the airport lounges or not. Some lounges are advertising themselves as highly sanitized and organized hideaways.touristy cities to visit in Spain

Priority pass is an airport lounge and the members of this lounge demonstrated on the website that airport lounges are becoming refugees for travelers. This lounge has access to a membership company.

Moreover, the members of the lounge have also been reported that airport lounges are now welcoming back tourists and travelers to a new era of safety that is luxurious. The travelers can avoid crowds in these lounges staying safe and protected.

Priority passed has also assessed what people felt during the pandemic about the travel and lounges. 

The travel experience managing director reported that travelers were conscious of visiting the lounges during the travel. But they still wanted new procedures to identify the pandemic. New precautionary measures and strategies must be introduced to address the virus.

Both airports have immense appetites to advertise their space. They also want to promote the experience of their customers. The customer experience includes emotional attraction and allurance.

Besant demonstrated that 60% of their airport lounges have reopened containing great standards for safety and health. 

You can notice many new changes in the lounges that include the guidelines about maintaining a social distance, check-in that is contactless, and removal of newspapers that are communal.

Even more, furniture is moved to promote social distance and staff is well trained now to use and carry the personal protective equipment (PPE). More precautionary measures have been adopted regarding cleaning and disinfecting things.

Face masks are highly recommended for travelers and staff with the exception of drinking and eating and it depends on lounge location. Moreover, the capacity of lounges is limited and decreased now as a protective measure for the pandemic. 

Lounges that are individual have been working on introducing the new procedures also. Delta has also modified and altered the food buffets with the items of grab-and-go. 

This is the basic addition to the lounges. It is also experimenting to use UV disinfection cubbies which guests can easily use to sanitize their personal devices at Atlanta lounges.

The Admirals Club lounges of American Airlines are using QR code menus which are touch-free. The disposable glassware is available for single use. Staff members serve food to travelers and guests from behind the screens that are acrylic and protective.   

The experiences of travelers at the lounges may vary. Zach Honig is working as an editor at Points Guy. It is a travel site. Zach has visited various airport lounges twice since the initiation of the pandemic. 

Honig went to the business class lounge of Emirates before going home at the end of the trip to Dubai.

It was a work trip of Honig in October. His first ticket has given him access to the first-class lounge of Emirates. All travelers were combined into one lounge.

Honig reported that many people have not worn masks because they were eating and drinking. He said that he did not feel comfortable drinking water and the place was so crowded.

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