What are Angular Templates and Views? AngularJs Dashboard Template

HTML contains Specific elements and attributes. Angular Js dashboard is created using angular based components. These components are used to Combines the information from the model with the template.

Its Controller Provides the dynamic view To the User That Is visible in the browser for the apps that are very basic and simple. Mostly, Angular Themes or templates consist of HTML, CSS and AngularJS Directives.

The whole template directives are packed in a single file known as the index.html most of the time. But Partials or segments of the template packed in the separate file. And they are used when your app is complex. During the project’s, you can use the View Directive that is passed to the route service based on configuration.

AngularJS elements and attributes you can use:

  • It Uses filters for formats data for display.
  • It Uses Form controls for Validating user input.
  • Directive/ feature/element that augments an existing DOM element.
  • It Uses Markup or double curly brackets to bind expressions to elements that are built-in AngularJS markup.

Admin Dashboard Templates are the common type of templates for AngularJS. Most of them are created using the Coding language such as Bootstrap.Sync fusion in the company offers a dashboard layout for AngularJS and creates static and dynamic dashboard layouts with panels.

The Dashboard Panels hold user interface components and allow dragging and dropping,removing, resizing, reordering, and adding.

Some Important Key Features

  • Dynamic Layout design.
  • Placing components as content.
  • Responsive and adaptive layout.
  • Built-in themes.

Thirty Four AJs Dashboard Templates:

  • Monster Angular Ten Lite
  • Elite Angular Ten Admin
  • Nice Admin Angular Ten Dashboard
  • AdminWrap Angular Ten Theme
  • Xtreme Angular Template
  • Elite Angular Ten Lite
  • AdminPro Angular Ten Lite
  • MaterialPro Angular Ten Lite
  • Moster Angular ten Admin
  • Mega Bundle Angular
  • ArchitectUI – Angular 7 & Bootstrap 4
  • Monarch
  • StartNG
  • MaterialPro
  • Espire
  • Egret
  • elastic UI
  • Gene
  • Admin UX
  • Material Wrap
  • The Directory
  • Lucid
  • Vex
  • Air UI
  • Endless
  • Clean UI
  • Blumingo
  • Analoglife
  • Decima
  • Guru Able
  • Clip-Two
  • Fuse
  • Slant
  • Remark

Angular view and template:

  1. Difference Between Angular Template and View

HTML snippets or, in other words, a template that tells Angular how to display the component in an angular application that defines the component’s view.

  1. Angular View Hierarchy

The component contains a view hierarchy, already embedded with views that define or associate other parts. It contains a Root, Childs, and grandchildren.

A view tree can include views from components in the same Ng Module. It also includes views from components that are defined in different Ng Modules.

Three Key points to consider about view hierarchy:

  1. A tree of similar views acts as one independent unit.
  2. Most of the time, the root view is called a host view.
  3. When something is changed, it detects due to its tree structure.

The view tree for web application managing superheroes and crisis center:

  • The root of the tree contains the App component that is also known as the host view.
  • The child contains the Hero’s component and the Crisis Center. This level also acts as a host view for its grandchildren.
  • Grand Child contains the Hero list component and Hero Detail Component and Crisis list component and Crisis Detail Component. Here each component in the tree may have a view associated with its previous level.
  1. Types of Templates

Inline Template

Placing the HTML code in back quotation mark “and then it is linked to the component metadata using the template property of (at the rate)Component decorator. It is an example of an inline template.

Template File

Template Contain the separate Html File that is linked to the component metadata using the (at the rate)Component decorators template that is Uniform Resource Locators property.

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