8 Important Tips To Keep In Mind Before Applying For A Student Visa

Studying in the best college or university is a shared dream among numerous students. Thus as soon as after finishing school, we all get in to this messy struggle to land ourselves in to the college or university of our preference. If your dream university lies in a foreign land then your struggle intensifies as you have to deal with all the visa related complications as well.

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To help you sail through this process of achieving student visa for your dream destination, we bring to you some effective tips which will help you in successfully applying for student visa.

Brilliant Tips that will help you Sail through your Visa Application Process:

Let us explore some of the effective tips, shared by the experts, which you must consider while working on your student visa process:

1. Identify your Visa Type:

The first and foremost thing to consider while applying for your visa to study abroad is to rightly identify the type of visa you will be needing. For instance, many students opt for professional courses of study and thus plan their studies along with some part time job, hence every country has specific requirements to provide study cum work visa. Hence, before applying for visa to any country, first assess what are the different types of visa and which one will suit your requirements.

2. Accumulate all the Required Information:

The next step in this process calls for researching your way out. Once you have shortlisted your preferred college or university and have identified what visa type will fit you the best, then move forward by researching on the requirements for that particular visa. Most of the students commit this common mistake where they directly work on the application process without accomplishing all the required documents and then suffer with lack of crucial documents. Hence, start by making a proper list of all the required documents and information and begin to collect them.

3. Ensure that you Qualify for all the Requirements:

Most of the countries have specific demands that they expect the ideal candidate to fulfil. Hence, before beginning to work on your visa application, analyze what all are the mandatory requirements for you to get a visa. For instance, many universities ask for proficiency in English languageand thus they require you to have certificates for proficiency up to certain level of English. Therefore, check out all the mandatory requirements asked by your institution and make sure that you have all the right documents to satisfy.

4.Get your Pas sport Updated:

This might sound a little absurd as how will a person with no passport or with an expired one, apply for a visa. Well, you will be shocked to know that many students often make this mistake of applying with an expired passport or in some cases do not possess a passport and still work on the application process without realizing it. Hence, as soon as you get going with your visa application process, ensure that you have a valid passport with sufficient number of pages in it.

5. Create your Portfolio in Advance:

As you make a list of all the crucial documents and information which will be required in applying for a student visa, make sure to accumulate your personal documents as well. When you apply for a student visa, you have to submit a number of personal documents like your birth certificate, your school and college transcripts, your residential proofs, and your passport-size photos. Therefore, create a portfolio of your personal documents and photos in advance. Pro tip: You can also repeat this process post-your visa approval to plan your relocation in advance, open your international student bank account online, familiarise yourself with the university life, apply for a credit card for immigrants, and so on.

6. Get your Health Check-ups Done:

Health certificates are among the most important requirements to apply for a visa. Therefore, while going through the requirements, research on what all health certificates will be required, based on the criteria, prescribed by the respective country. Also, as soon as you get know, get done with all the health check-ups and secure all the documents, and get their multiple copies done.

7. Stay Connected with the Immigration Services on a Regular Basis:

This is one of the most important aspects of successfully applying for a visa. Many students, after getting in touch with the respective immigration service for once, forget to stay in touch with the services. It is quite important to keep in touch with the immigration services, as they keep you updated with regards to change in any policy. Hence, always make sure to stay connected with the respective authorities as it will help you to save yourself from the last minute troubles.

8. Create a Check List for a Hassle-Free Process:

The last but certainly not the least important tip is to create a comprehensive check list for yourself. As you move forward, create a check list for all the necessary documents you need to acquire, for all the information that you need to collect and as you proceed, keep on marking them along. This will help you ensure flawless application process. You can use the Plagiarism Checker tool for checking plagiarism.

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