How Rice Supplier Thailand Came Into Recognition with the Help of Hongkong

Thailand is one of the biggest rice suppliers in the world. It achieved its standing through the help of Hongkong. It also came into effect after Burma committed economic suicide. Thailand has finally taken over its position as the number one grain exporter. It was blood tied with Hongkong traders that became the key factor towards its success.

Hong Kong Became Its First Major Export Market

Thailand expanded its rice export in 1960. That’s when its first market for the major export of rice was Hongkong. The trade was also thereby facilitated by language.

The majority of the rice importers in Hongkong are Vichai as the CEO of Riceland International, the dominant dialect group of Chinese in Thailand (Chiu Chow or Teochew speakers from the Fujian province.

The rice importers in Hong Kong would often stay in the Sheung Wan district on the island of Hong Kong. There is a rice importers’ association to find there. Half of the majority of rice importers are called Teochew.

Specific rice supplier Thailand was observed to have been exporting fragrant Jasmine rice to Hong Kong. This took place for the past sixty years under a known brand. Hong Kong was then the first export market. Two main customers would always come from Hong Kong. The usual language spoken is Teochew for their effective communication.

Hong Kong Market Became Good for Thailand’s Reputation

Thailand became the main exporter of Jasmine rice around the world through the efforts of some businessmen. It can never be denied that the Hong Kong market was good for Thailand’s reputation. The Chinese people are the customers always seen migrating around the world. Whenever they need good rice from Thailand, they then ask for their Hong Kong connections.

Hong Kong Good Connections

The good connections of rice businessmen in Hong Kong helped their companies in the rice export in Thailand. Jasmine rice farmers in the northeast Thailand are also being offered with higher quality seeds. They also are introduced with a more and newer economical seeding method. That’s when farmers were able to increase their earnings by forty-percent. This also has helped companies recruit nearly about two-thousand one-hundred families as part of the program.

Truly, rice supplier Thailand came into recognition with the help of Hong Kong. Nevertheless, the growing of rice has long been a way of life of the Thai farmers. This also dated back in ancient times. Their lifestyle is molded, sifted, & forged in the rice civilization. This is also to give rise to the exquisite customs and cultural traditions between them. This is more likely to bring immense diversity in the genetic strands.

Thailand is introducing more of its 3,500 varieties that range from local varieties, breeds, and wild rice. Rice is taking up more land in Thailand than any other food crop. This is making up about 11.3-percent of the entirety of the area in the country.

The Northeast and Central Plains possess a bigger area of land cultivated for rice. This is also followed by the South and the North respectively. The region is growing varieties of rice types. It also somehow depends upon the geographical conditions.

Thailand has proved standing being the world’s biggest rice exporter. It also ranked to its number three position behind India and Vietnam in 2012. Thailand is exporting ten-million tons of rice in 2008 than in 2001 with 6.8 million tons and in 1994 with 4.5 million tons. The lists are as follows as the top exporters of the world; Thailand being the first, the United States being the second, Pakistan being the third, Vietnam being the fourth, and China being the fifth.

So many improvements have been made by the rice supplier Thailand. This is also as they became fully-recognized by the help of Hong Kong!

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