How to get guaranteed solution for your subrogation issues

Subrogation is a term describing a legal right held by most of the insurance carriers to legally pursue a third party that cause an insurance loss. This is done so that they can recover the amount of the claim paid by the carrier to the insured for the loss caused. Whenever an insurance company pursues the other party for any kind of damages, they step into the shoes of the policyholder. If the insured party does not have the legal standing to sue the party, then even the insurer cannot pursue a lawsuit as a result.

How does Subrogation Process work?

This process is literally referring to the act of one person standing in the place of another person or the party. It helps to define the rights of the insurance company for both before and after it has paid claims against the policy. It makes obtaining a settlement under any kind of policy to go more smoothly. In most of the cases, the individual’s insurance company pays the client’s claim for losses directly and then they seek reimbursement from the other party. The insured client then receives the payment properly. Subrogation can mainly apply in the auto insurance policies and they occur when the insurance carrier takes on the financial burden of the insured as the result of the incident or accident payment. They seek repayment from the party which was at fault.

Many people get stunned when the matters of subrogation rise but it is important that we know. Thus, let us understand why we need to understand subrogation. The evidence is clear, and the subrogation improves loss ratios and is one of the powerful sources of revenue for underwriters.

Thus, it brings customer loyalty and then a recovery is awarded,and it strengthens consumer protections and because the providers of good and services are held directly accountable for the safety and performance of their services.

Why should you outsource?

There are many insurers who have established subrogation programs who recover claims and try to gain higher net recoveries. In addition to this, when you outsource you can use a single outside vendor and they are shown to streamline the claim filing and the reporting etc. The clearing of backlogs and to ensure all the viable claims are vetted and pursued.

The outsourced subrogation is less expensive than getting it done by yourself. It allows the in-house staff to focus on critical claims adjustment work. The NSS handles subrogation on a contingent fee basis.

Where will you get guaranteed solutions for subrogation issues?

The attorneys at law at Keis George can get you guaranteed solutions for subrogation issues. They the industry leaders in terms of collecting the net dollars recovered and the year over year recovery increases. They help in increasing recovery ratios over time are a direct result of our consistent focus on building close and long-term client relationships.

You can pursue missed and current opportunities at your business. Their involvement in subrogation coupled with their strong negotiating stance relieving the staff of this task so they can focus on the core business of adjusting claims.

When you undertake Keis George LLP services, they have a very dedicated subrogation team delivers these services. Here are what they can do:

They review closed claim recoveries and they work hard to identify missed subrogation opportunities.Once you have appointed the subrogation unit, they follow all the current opportunities. They handle claims on an as needed basis to allow staff to focus on their current workload. They also handle legal arbitration and they conduct preparation of contentions and they respond to counter claims and manage recoveries.

 Subrogation can be applied in many domains or fields such as workers’ compensation, liability, health, disability management.

Hence, for example if a health insurance policyholder is injured in an accident then the insurer pays the $20,000 to cover all the medical bills, that the same health insurance company will be allowed to collect the $20,000 from the party who is at fault to reconcile the payment. Subrogation takes place when the insurer takes your place in the legal battle to reclaim the money paid on a claim.


Thus, subrogation is a technique that is used by mostly the insurance companies to recoup the money paid out for the insurance claims. Mainly three parties are involved: the insured who is the policy holder, the insurer or the insurance company and the party who is responsible for the damages. The insurance policy will include a section on this subrogation technique so you can take help of the attorney of law in Keis George. A lot of subrogation examples can be studied, and you can understand how it works.

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