What is HGV Insurance Policy Cover?

HGV Insurance is a policy cover created specifically for vehicles that weigh 7.5 tons and above. This insurance covers the following; –

  • The driver.
  • The trailer.
  • The cab.
  • Goods carried.

And whatever you will want to insure. The insurance is only designed to cover the United Kingdom and European Travel. This policy cover is also available internationally. This type of policy insurance is commonly known as Haulage Insurance. This is because it intends to protect the Haulage Industry.

Your Insurance Cover Can feature the following; –

  • Policy discounts.
  • Combined policy.
  • Pliable payment plan.
  • Available instant policy cover.
  • Commercial HGV.
  • Public liability policy cover for employers.
  • HGV Policy Insurance Cover.
  • Personal Accident Cover.
  • Sickness Cover.
  • Goods in transit.
  • Inclusion of Attached and Detached trailers.
  • Breakdown Cover in both the United Kingdom and Europe.

Different types of HGV Insurance policy Covers.

Heavy Vehicle insurance is entirely compliant for the needs of both the owner and the driver. However, it’s of importance to note the prime cover elements that comprise a good number of HGV policies. The type of insurance policy cover you choose depends entirely on you.

  • Content Cover.

HGV insurance was created to protect the goods your truck is carrying whether it’s yours or not. If you decide to make use of your truck for profit-oriented gains as a haulage contractor, Contents policy cover is quite important to ensure that if ever anything happens to the carried goods, for instance, they get stolen or broken, Content Cover Policy will ensure it compensates on the stolen carried goods. You wouldn’t incur any costs.

  • Legal Fees HGV Insurance Cover.

It’s a policy that underwritesthe costs incurred by lawyers and all litigation expenses that were due to the fighting of cases or allegations placed laid against either you or your organization.

  • Breakdown Recovery Cover.

This cover Is important for truck drivers. If you happen to break down on the road while driving, the owner of the truck will incur a lot of costs and spend a lot of time repairing the truck. If your truck is not insured by break down recovery cover, the costs associated with repairing the truck will be quite high.

  • Public Liability.

This policy cover underwrites you from allegations made to you by the public either due to negligence. For instance,you reverse your car and it hits into something leading to the types of goods you are carrying to fall ending up hurting an associate from the public. With public liability cover, you will not be personally held responsible for the damage done.

  • Fleet Insurance.

If you do have a fleet of vehicles, taking fleet insurance will help you protect multiple vehicles at the same time for similar risk levels.

  • Losing Your License.

Although this rarely happens to responsible license proprietors, in case you lose your license, this policy cover will ascertain that you remain protected with a monthly salary until you start earning again.

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Just like any other policy, HGV Insurance premiums depends entirely on your risk portfolio. Your HGV insurance will only be cheaper if;

  • You keep track of your operating license.
  • Enhance your number of claims bonuses.
  • Keep an authentic driver’s license.

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