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Tips for building a porch

As the family grows, more living space is usually required. Every child wants their own room sooner or later, and opportunities to retreat can defuse tense situations. The desire for more space is not that difficult to realize as a homeowner. With the construction of a veranda, a new usable area is created, which can become a favorite place in the house with appealing furnishings.

A screened in patio in Columbia, SC  is a closed or half-open, roofed extension that is neither insulated nor heated. The subsurface usually consists of a simple terrace floor. A winter garden, on the other hand, is practically an extension of the living space. The outer walls of the house are broken open for this extension. Conservatories are completely closed and separated from the living area with windows and glass doors.

They should be heatable, so an appropriate system must be installed.   In addition, a veranda as a terrace roofing does not require approval in some federal states, at least as long as it is below a certain size and remains unheated.

A building permit is not always required. If you are toying with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpanding the existing living space by adding an extension, you should find out about the building laws that apply in your region. This is a matter for the country and therefore regulated differently. Conservatories and verandas do not always require a permit.

In some federal states, a permit exemption can be granted.in some places for example, you can expand your house with covered areas of up to 50 square meters without a building application, as long as these remain unheated. In any case, it is advisable to ask the responsible building authority as a first step. It may not be possible to realize the ideas at all. You can also find out from the authorities whether there is a development plan that specifies clear rules. A building application is only to be submitted if no procedural freedom is stipulated for the planned winter garden or the veranda in the state building regulations.

If you observe the applicable law, the approval should not be a hurdle. You enclose the construction plan for your project with the application. The building authority checks a realization for legality.

A winter garden in particular should be carefully planned. Technical details are important, especially when it comes to sun protection, ventilation and glazing.

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