How To Address Payroll Challenges While Working Remotely?

With the increasing cases of COVID-19 in India, every Indian business has been forced to sit back at home and work remotely. Truth be told, work from home is no longer as new or special as it was nine months back. Especially for the corporate world, WFH has become a necessity today.

As coronavirus turned our world upside down, the “Future Of Work” as we all called it, became a thing of the present. From doubt to delight, together we moved as a working world to enjoy and rely on the possibilities of technology. At the same time, outdated tools and manual methods have acutely become obsolete in 2020. Here is when a big question arises- Since we have switched to technological advancements to a great extent, why can’t we use them to solve payroll challenges, too? The answer is a big YES!

An efficient solution to simplify the payroll management process while working remotely is online payroll software. Payroll systems are automated software tools particularly designed to streamline and optimize payroll processes. If you do not have any idea about such systems, you are in the right place now.

In this blog, we will tell you five ways online payroll software in India can solve payroll challenges in a virtual setup. Take a look!

Saves Time

Amid handling a multitude of operations during WFH, HR managers often find themselves exhausted and sleep-deprived. It becomes difficult to save time for themselves or other important areas of business. Needless to say, payroll management is one of the time-consuming human resources tasks. One requires a large chunk of time to pay attention and carry out this routine operation without any error or delay. This is when payroll and HR software comes into the picture. Payroll systems are fully-automated tools that require a bare minimum of human involvement to process payrolls. From calculating every employees’ salary to transferring the same, the right software will perform every process in a matter of minutes. Features such as direct deposit help HR managers to do tedious payroll tasks easily and conveniently.

Generates Payslips

Preparing salary slips for every employee is another time-consuming part of payroll. If done manually, it can even become a nightmare for HRs. The best way to solve this problem is by investing in one of the best online payroll software India has. Such systems allow HR managers to prepare as well as generate payslips in just a few clicks. Unlike outdated tools, HRs are not supposed to juggle with paperwork and jump from one spreadsheet to another.

Besides, employees can also download their payslips without having to disturb their HR managers. Such systems come with an employee-self service feature that allows employees to do various easy tasks such as checking attendance, benefits, and much more.

Sends Automated Notification

Complying with laws and regulations is a crucial part of the payroll management process. In a traditional setup, HRs are expected to keep themselves updated about the latest legal requirements that can affect their business. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. While working from home, there are possibilities that HR managers miss out on legal updates. Fortunately, online payroll software in India solves this problem as well. The best systems provide an automated alert feature that informs HR professionals about the new amendments on time. This way, companies can ensure compliance during this crisis time.

Cuts Down Unintended Payroll Mistakes

Small or big, mistakes in payrolls cost a considerable amount of money to businesses. Let’s face it, manual methods are big contributors to such costly errors. Since payroll software is completely automated, it does not need human supervision that in turn avoids every risk of payroll errors. The right HR software will ensure 100% accuracy in the long run and helps the company to avoid human errors that normally lead to hefty fines, penalties, and severe legal cases.

Provides Security

Ensuring the security of employees’ financial details is another challenge faced by most HRs while working remotely. Storing such sensitive data in papers and spreadsheets is always vulnerable to risks such as data theft, misappropriation, misplacement, and more. This calls for cloud-based online payroll software. The software allows companies to store and manage their important data in the cloud that can be protected with a password. That means both employers, and HRs can be tension-free about the safety of their data while working remotely.

That is it, we have come to the conclusion!

Also, you do not have to be a genius to understand and operate a payroll system. Besides, it is important to zero down the best online payroll software India has. Only the right software will reap the necessary advantages that will solve all your payroll problems.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a step ahead, purchase a payroll system for your virtual workplace, and help your business to stay ahead of the curve.

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