Tips on maintenance of diamond jewelry

Generally,whenyouwanttobuyadiamondring,thediamondfitsin18-caratgoldand14caratswhicheveryouwishifyouchoosegoldandevenyoucangoforplatinum.Sodecidewhichmetalringyouwanttobuyforyouroccasion,  wedding rings melbourne generally suggests that white diamonds go better with white gold and platinum rather than generalgold.Butit’saccordingtoone’sownchoicewhichonetochooseastheyshouldkeepitforalifetime.Evenrosegoldisintrendnowadaysandmostwomenloveit,as the reare many options to choose from accordingly.

Wedding rings are very special and important in everyone’s life and proper care just by applying few easy tips is essential like:

  • Never keep your fingers on the diamond area and rub, because you may have so many substances on your hand and applying to the diamond area may lead to stocking of the substances in the corners and even a few substances over time make the diamond its stone in your ring to lose its lustre.
  • Most of the women apply many things to their faces and body daily like sunscreen etc… and sometimes they also apply makeup when they go out like foundations and all and all these products cause a layer in the diamonds on the rings and eventually the diamond shine decreases. So it is better to remove your ring and place it aside and once your job is done you can again keep it back to your finger.
  • It is always advisable to keep your ring aside when you do work in the house like cleaning dishes and toilets and any other such things which involve the usage of substances other than water and mild soaps. Because few chemicals react with diamond and cause your diamond to lose its lustre and shine.
  • If in your work environment you work with your hand, it is better to remove your ring and work because if continuously any hard substances hit near the diamond or gems area, then the metal may spoil and even the diamond may chip off.
  • While having a bath or enjoying a swimming pool area or on the seashore, you need to remove your ring as when doing vigorous movements the ring may slip away easily. And even the fingers due to movement shrink a little and come out of fingers easily and may be lost.
  • Remember to go to the jewellery shop and give your rings for cleaning so that lustre is always maintained, and don’t worry cleaning doesn’t mean the removal of metal.
  • Even when you go to a store for a cleaning ring, they just check whether everything is fine or not, if any issue is there they will notify you and you can get it corrected to make sure you don’t end up losing the diamond.

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