Worthy reasons why listening to sad music uplifts your mood

At some crucial heart-breaking point of our lives, we all have taken resort to melancholic music so that it could enhance our mood. Did you ever ponder over the fact that how heightening your sadness can actually drag you out of your sad mood? Did you ever question yourself, ‘Why do I love sad music?’ or ‘Why do I listen to depressing music?’

Recently, there was a new research that threw light on everything that goes on within the human brain whenever it matches music to the way it feels. It seems as if sad music can also be fun instead of always being depressing as it helps you remember fond memories that improves your mood. Here are few worthy reasons why sad music helps you feel better.

Sad songs set a perfect wistful mood

Very often, music is linked with most of the fun moments of our life, whether a memorable family gathering during childhood or first-ever date with your beloved. It is rather surprising that sad music can also help you take a retrospective glance at the good old days of your life. Instead of provoking a feeling of sadness and melancholy, sad songs can also induce a nostalgic mood. The feeling of nostalgia is a rather sweet emotion that gives a feeling of comfort.

Sad songs give you a pleasurable feeling

Researchers are also of the opinion that sadness that is invoked by sad songs can give you a gratifying feeling. As per the scientists, sad music should meet three different criteria – it should please you aesthetically, it should not threaten you and it should remind you of fond events lived in the past.

Sad songs remind you about worse situations others are in

If you see from the perspective of social psychology, you tend to feel good about yourself when you know someone who is in a worse situation than you. This is known as downward social comparison. So if you listen to a sad song of Thom Yorke where he is singing to tell that you that he had a worse day than you, subconsciously you begin to feel much better.

Sad songs alter your hormonal balance

Scientists also recommend the fact that sad music can boost the production of prolactin, a hormone that gives you the power to fight grief. When you tune into sad songs, your body automatically prepares for a negative event but when the song ends, nothing bad happens. This is when your body feels a sense of relief. Moreover, music also releases dopamine that regulates several other body functions. This is why music is put along with food and sex, both of which are helpful in tackling sad mood.

Sad songs calm your mind

Several studies reveal that depressed people love to catch up with sad songs as they’re already suffering from low energy levels. When they listen to sad songs, it produces a relaxing impact on their body and mind. Take a deep breath and calm down and you’ll soon have a better mood.

If you’ve been wondering all this while, ‘Why do sad things make me happy’, you must have got your answer. Plug in your earphones and listen your best sad songs to uplift your mood.

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